Today I am joining Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday…writing for 5 minutes without editing.  Free style.  No boundaries except the word prompt she supplies.  You can read all the rule here.
Today’s word: REFLECT
I can’t remember the last time I participated in 5 minute Friday.  My words have been few.  My thoughts have been scattered and  have felt like I had nothing worthwhile to say.

Then, in a less than two week period I was asked to guest post.  UGH…seriously?!?  I can’t write anything, why would you ask me to guest post.

But, I agreed and writing begat writing.  This is my 5th post this week and I am grateful beyond words.  The Lord is faithful to those who trust in him.
So while my words are not like someone else’s…not as eloquent or as lovely or as poetic…they are mine, given to me by Him and I am grateful.
Reflecting on the barren time when words were few gives me pause to say thank you, Lord.  You use all the times in my life to teach me something.  Sometimes it is a lesson I like, other times, well…I don’t like it so much.  But I realize these times – all of them – make me grow.
Reflect back on the times in your writing life when words did not come…how did you handle it? 

I certainly do not claim that this is a great post, but I promised myself I would participate in 5 minute Friday so that I could get 5 posts up this week.  And I did.
Thank you, Lord…for giving me the courage to keep writing when the words were few.  When the words felt useless.
If you want a laugh, read this post.  Seriously, I was just trying to do a #smallthingsgreatlove act…boy, did that backfire!
Have a great weekend…thank you for stopping by.


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