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Five Minute Friday
Today’s prompt: ROOTS

I see the prompt and a few ideas run through my head.
I think about exposed roots from overturned trees; a result of hurricane Sandy.
I think about putting down roots.  Living in one place for a long time.  Leaving that place and leaving my roots.
I think about my son and his roots.  While we’ve lived in our current town 5 years, we lived in our previous home – a long way from here – 25 years.  Longer than he has been alive.  Where are his roots?
I realized that roots take different forms.
Roots can be shallow or deep.
They can go on for a long way.

They can get cut by a sharp object.

They can be knit together in hotel rooms, during late night talks.
Roots take many forms.
Mine are as varied as I am old.
My roots run from west to east, north to south.
From friends to family.
But my real roots…the root that matters…the most constant life giving root is HIM.
R – rely 
O – only
O – on the
T – true
S – source.

What is your ROOT source?


time is up.  Read more 5 minute writings on roots here.


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