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Five Minute Friday
Today’s prompt:  GRASP

Twenty-four years is a long time.  He is no longer a child but a man.  No longer does he grasp my finger or my hand as we cross the street.
No longer does he climb in my lap and want to be sang to.
No…these days he works and goes to school and tries to discern what the Lord wants for his life.  I think he is finding out and getting a grasp on things.
And it warms my heart.
It has been a long journey.  This path called motherhood…parenthood.
But a path worth travelling.
It has had it ups and downs.  Sometimes like a roller coaster…but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
So those of you that still have little ones…it is over before you know it.
You wake up one day and the little baby that was 21 3/4″ and just under 7 pounds is now 6 foot 6 inches and almost 200 pounds.  And he still has a grasp on my heart like you wouldn’t believe.
No matter how old…no matter how big…he will always be my baby.
And I love him dearly.  More than I can say.
Hugs to you Andy…
high school XC coach & Andy  8/2012
I love you son…

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