“I am with you. These four words are like a safety net,
protecting you from falling into despair.”
Sarah Young, Jesus Calling February 18

I am clinging to this promise these days.  I am clinging to the fact that he IS with me AND holding my hand. 

In the past few months, I have been absent from this space more than I have been present.  It has been a hard time.  Not only have I been preoccupied with my dad’s fall, I really believe the Lord is asking me to do some things that I don’t really want to do. 

And I am using the avoidance tactic…it isn’t working.  It seems everywhere I turn there is another reminder that I am to do this. 

It is making me uncomfortable. 

I read recently that “God doesn’t judge us by popularity or public adulation.  He knows what we do in his name, whether or not others are aware of our efforts or appreciate them.  And in the end, his opinion is the only one that matters.”  While I cannot imagine that anyone would want to read my story, if he is asking me to share, then I have to share.  But it will not be easy.

So, I am clinging to Psalm 73:23.  And I am remembering that God can take my ordinary and use it to make something extraordinary.

He can take my mundane, everyday and make it something magnificent and glorious. And it may only matter to one person.

I am working through how to approach this writing task.  In the meantime, I’ll keep praying and clinging to Psalm 72:23.

What promise are you clinging to these days?

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