“and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground…”
Exodus 14:22 (emphasis mine)
They crossed the sea on DRY ground…not damp, not soggy, not wet, but DRY ground.  No sinking into the mud, no getting stuck…just walking across on dry ground.  Once again, the children of Israel were delivered from Pharaoh’s army, from Pharaoh’s grasp in a most unusual manner.  How often in my life is the unusual the Master at work?  Probably a lot. 
I am spending a week on the coast of North Carolina, on a beach where my family has been coming for more than 20 years.  John’s Mom and Dad and most of his siblings come every year, same time, same place, each of us renting in the same area.  This year, the group is small; a little less than 30 people.  My in-laws were not physically able this year and for one reason or another only 6 of the 11 kids and their families will be here. 
This is the view from the deck of my house
Because my Internet connection is S.L.O.W. at best 🙂 I will continue adding to my gratitude list next week and I don’t know if I will be able to post again this week or not.
Lord, thank you for the opportunity to rent “beach front.”  For the reminders that YOU are in control and when troubles come, YOU will separate the waters so that I may cross on DRY ground.  Thank you for the time spent with family, for the opportunity to watch nieces and nephews grow up.


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