Teach me to do your will,

for you are my God;

may your good Spirit

lead me on level ground.
Psalm 143:10

I am looking for that level ground…that place where I can feel safe and secure…that place where I know I am doing his will.  I thought taking this class was the right thing…but
do your plans ever go…”not as planned?”  Mine certainly have…Financial Accounting 101 is more difficult than I imagined.  John says that I worry too much considering my grade.  He is probably right, except that I am struggling with some of the concepts.  Just because I can get the right answer on a computerized homework assignment (much through the process of elimination) does not mean that I understand the concept or how you reach the beginning balance of a certain financial statement…fill in the blank here…it doesn’t matter which statement it is, I am struggling.  I went to the Learning Center at the college yesterday for help, I called to verify they were open.  However, when I arrived, there was no one to help with Accounting.  Go figure!  I will go back this afternoon.

I want to finish this class, but it is challenging for me.  I have to get comfortable with less than an “A”…so, would you please pray for and with me about this?

I am off this weekend to visit my parents…another challenge when I need to be studying and cleaning my house.  But, Mother and Daddy are getting older…so, I need to go see them.

If you have not checked out Dianne’s blog today…you should do so.  It is well worth the time!


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