My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2018 and a Bonus

Are you an Amazon shopper? I am! There is something so easy about going online, clicking, paying and having an item land on my doorstep a couple of days later! With Cyber Monday and holiday shopping taking place now, I thought some of these ideas might be useful gift...

Fun Friday Favorites Vol. 2

Friday – Woo Hoo!! Two weeks ago yesterday I got 8″ of snow. Yesterday my car thermometer said 68 degrees at 3 in the afternoon! Did you know that yesterday was National Margarita Day? And there is a National Pizza Day? How about National Toothache Day?...

Friday Favorites and Why You Need Them

It is FINALLY Friday! I am anxious to share some things with you that will make your life better, I promise!!  This week has seemed very long. That is probably because I usually get plenty of sleep and this week I have a severe sleep deficit! On to the fun stuff. Some...


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