For some reason I woke up very early this morning….4 a.m. I do that sometimes. I usually lay there awake and finally get up around 5 a.m. Recently, I read that if you breathe slowly and focus on your breathing, that it should relax you and help you fall asleep. Maybe it works better at night when you are tired and trying to fall asleep! It certainly didn’t work for me this morning. So…here I am…I got up, made coffee, had my quiet time, now I am writing.

Sometimes, during my quiet time with the Lord, I have wonderful, eye-opening, light-bulb type revelations about life…and other times, I don’t. I read, reflect, pray, write in my journal…whatever routine I am following that particular day and it seems that nothing happens. Yet, I know that I am blessed for spending a few minutes with the Lord before I start my day. Today was one of the “other times.” So…I will wait and see what the Lord has in store for me today. I have to work today – you know, the part-time job, the one that actually generates a pay check, at least a little bit of a pay check – so, I am sure that the Lord will teach me something today. He usually does when I break out of the comforts of home and venture into the “real” world.

Lord, where will you take me today? What will you show me? Please help me to open my heart, mind and eyes to your will for me today. Help me see the beauty of your creation and help me to see the goodness in others – even those that I encounter that may drive me nuts!!

Be sure to check back later today…there may be some exciting revelation that I have later today that I can share with you!!!

Blessings and peace…..


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