I realize this blog is a bit young to be repeating something, but today, I need to be reminded of this.  Thing happen in our lives (are happening in my life) that make us upset, anxious, worried…whatever…these events cause us to lose sight of God’s sufficiency…his grace WILL be enough for all my sins, enough for all my troubles, enough all my worries.  I just need to let go and trust.  I need to be reminded from time to time that of this fact.  AND I need to remember that God’s timing is not necessarily in sync with my timing and I have to learn to be OK with that.
So, my prayer today is, once again to LET GO, GIVE IT UP and LET GOD.  Please, Lord, help me to do this!  I need your grace to deal with what is in my way, on my way and coming my way…may I please receive your peace that lets me know things will be OK.  Even if, OK is not what I want it to be, please help me be at peace with whatever your will may be.  Thank you for caring for me, Lord.  Thank you for knowing what is in my heart.
May you find the peace the Lord has for you….


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