“…Indeed, I will give you lasting peace in this place.”
Jeremiah 14:13b

Sometimes I wonder how I find it – lasting peace – in my daily life?  Sure, when things are going great I can find peace.  But what about the times when things are not so great…you know, the NORMAL times?  It is easy to be at peace when I am someplace like this… but

when I have laundry to do and toilets to clean…different story.  When I have to go to work, when I have to pay bills…the lasting peace comes from within.  There are so many things around me that I miss…signs of Him that are there everyday. 
Rainbows don’t happen without rain…nor does the sun rise on a new day, without the sun setting…
Lord, please help me seek and find you in all aspects of my day.  Help me to continue experiencing your peace in my life.  Help me to recognize the signs you put before me, even when they are not as breathtaking as a rainbow or snow capped mountains. Thank you for the blessings, for Andy and John, for extended family, friends, blogging friends…Lord, my blessings are too numerous to count…thank you. 
Friends, his blessings are everywhere…things that can calm our souls and brighten our spirits.  The blessings will not always be magnificent, but they are there…
What blessings are you experiencing these days?


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