I am growing weary of the falling white stuff and the cold.  I shouldn’t complain.  I know that.  I have food, shelter, warmth, power…all the things that many people do not have.
This current storm caused me to cancel my weekend trip to San Antonio.  John and I gave ourselves the trip for Christmas…rather than things, we would give ourselves a weekend away someplace warm.  Not happening.  The good news is we got a full refund because the airline cancelled our flights…now I just have to find another weekend to take the trip.
Yesterday was my Mother’s 91st birthday…and February 1st  was my Daddy’s 92nd birthday.  Today is their 70th wedding anniversary.

This photo was obviously taken many years ago.  These days Mother has short, thinning hair, but it is not gray…it is still dark with some gray sprinkled in, while Daddy has beautiful silver hair.  He fell in November and fractured his pelvis.  He was been in and out of the hospital and rehab and was moved back home on Christmas Eve.  They still live in their home and have round the clock help.  Two of my brothers take care of things several days a week and outside help comes in a few days a week.
This photo was taken a few years ago when all the girls were there.  There are 7 kids and we are scattered from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean…we don’t all get back there at the same time very often.
Today, while I am stuck in the house and a wild storm descends on the northeast, I will thank God for my Christian home and for my loving parents.  Parents that gave me unconditional love, taught me how to treat people, taught me that you can never out give God, that he has to be the Lord of all, if he is going to be Lord at all and so. much. more.  You know, I cannot remember my Mother EVER raising her voice.  I didn’t get that from her.  I raise my voice way too often.



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