I may have it figured out.  Well, at least part of it.  

In one of the writing workshops at the Relevant Conference (now Allume) last fall, 
Lisa-Jo said to use your own words, speak with your own voice because “We don’t need another Ann Voskamp.”  

Lisa-Jo’s words resonated with me. 

For weeks.

Ok, I get that we don’t need another Ann.  I couldn’t write like her if I tried, so that was an easy dream to release.  Just open my hands and let it fly away.

Good!  That feels better.

I went along fine for a while.  My writing was going OK…or so I thought.  Then I entered that dry, parched desert land without words.  

It has been painful.  And I have been thirsty.  Desperately seeking words that were worthy of your time.  Words that were worthy of my time to write them…or tap them out.  

But nothing was happening.  No words were coming.  Maybe the sun was setting on my writing.

Then I read Nikki’s post and realize we all DO fall short.  Over and over.  She says something about getting back to basics.  I realize that is what I need to do.  Get back to the basics of writing.  I know that writing wasn’t what she was thinking about when she wrote the post, but it struck a chord with me.  

A VERY. LOUD. CHORD.  And it might have been in a minor key!

I need to write.  Just write.  Then let it be.  I don’t have to reinvent the prose or the blog post.  I just have to write one.

If I needed further reassurance, Miss Emily came to the rescue.  Emily P Freeman, that is!

In this post she writes…

Your goal is not to make something new, your goal is to reimagine what already is.” 
I think I have been working too hard on trying to write something new.
Something different.
Something no one else had written.  Why?  
Probably because I want to be noticed.  I want people to read what I write and want to come back for more.  Yet, the fact of the matter is that most of what I would write about has already been written about by someone else.  Therefore, I must “reimagine” it, just like Emily said. 
So friends, maybe I am finally able to put the pieces together…at least some of them.  If I get back to the basics, stop trying to write something new, maybe things will improve.  Maybe posts will begin to flow as I start using my own imagination, frame things like I see them.  
Like ONLY I see them.  Even if millions of other people see the same thing.
I am guessing that many people took sunset pictures all over the world this week…but I took this one.  I saw it with my eyes and it was beautiful.  I framed the picture with my camera, then squeezed the shutter.
I used my eyes to see.  I used my words to tell the story.
Lord, I pray that you will allow the words to return.  Words that you want me to write.  Words that are good and honorable and healing.  Words that proclaim your truth.  
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