and oh, how I have missed this!  Ten days…my last post was 11 days ago. I knew I was not likely that I could post often while I was gone, but I thought I would be able to get a few posts up.  Posts reflecting on the beauty of God’s creation in the Rocky Mountains, the beauty of the deep blue sky, the snow at the high elevations, the people watching, the simple things that make where I was one of my favorite places on this earth.  I always feel so peaceful and serene when I am in the mountains.  But…it was not to be.  I did not take my computer because my husband was taking his, so I thought I wouldn’t need to.  That was a mistake.  I didn’t feel right about blogging on his computer…it is issued to him by work and it just didn’t SEEM RIGHT.  So, I didn’t post and post from an iPhone wasn’t going to work for me.  At least not last week.  I told my husband on the way home yesterday that as much as I hate dealing with a computer in airport security lines, I hated not being able to blog and read other blogs even more. 
I have to go back to work today AND have the car at the shop in an hour so I don’t have much time.  But…I started using Billy Graham’s book Hope for Each Day just over a year ago.  I know because the reflection on June 23rd is entitled Sufficient Grace and was the inspiration for my very first post.  I have now come full circle in the book and am starting over…and gaining new insights.  You might want to check it out.
I won Natalie’s giveaway just before I left on vacation.  I chose the book I Dared to Call Him Father and it is very inspiring.  It touched my heart and I am still reflecting on it.  Thank you Natalie!
I must get ready so I can take the car in…I am slowly catching up on my blog read.  If I haven’t left a comment for you yet, I will…I am just behind.  What happened with you the last 11 days….


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