Sometimes, things in life happen that we don’t understand. 
And sometimes, things happen that we do understand.
Then sometimes…well, we don’t understand, but we know we have to obey.  My friend, Kris Camealy, is living this right now.
I first met Kris via Lisa-Jo’s 5 minute Friday sometime during 2012.  Then last year at Allume, I actually got to sit with Kris for a little while.  She shared with me how the Lord worked in her life earlier that year.  I was honored that she shared her story. 
But more than that…her words spoke to my heart.  They pierced me in a way that made me want to go deeper and know more.  About her.  About her book.  About the Lord.  About myself. 
She was writing a book.
She was being brave.
She was doing what the Lord was asking her to do.
I was so humbled that she shared with me, sitting there on the loveseat in the lounge.
Kris is brave enough to follow the Lord’s lead and she is hosting a retreat next April.  I am so thankful that I am able to go.  There are only a few spots left and ticket sales close December 1st.
Would you consider going?  I don’t know what the Lord has planned, I just KNOW it is going to be something special.
Read this post by Kris and pray about attending.  I have been praying for her, the retreat and all of us that are going for some time now.  God has a plan in place that I can’t see, Kris can’t see it and you can’t either for that matter.
All I know is Refine the Retreat is
where he wants me next April.
And I think it might be one of the
bravest things I’ve done in a while.
Where does he want you next April?
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