Struggling to find any words and thoughts that I feel are worthwhile to share.  So I will share some pictures from my vacation last week…

My view when I woke up last Monday morning…

Not exactly the view from my bedroom at home!!!

It was overcast and foggy one day.  We went to one end of the island and went up in the lighthouse, but the view wasn’t great.  We walked out to the end of this walkway and beyond.  I love this picture of John and his brother.

To put the height of these two in perspective – John is the short one and he is 6′ 3″!

I love watching the ocean.

The weather was very nice Friday afternoon and we walked at the other end of the island.  There are tons of clam shells on this island!

Saturday morning before leaving I took a walk at the end of the island again…and I found this:

I think this just proves…you NEVER know what you will find.  You may have to take a LOT of beach walks to find something like this, but it is worth it in the end.

There are a lot of “clam shells” on the road of life, but we only need to find the “big” shell to keep going.


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