After being sick while visiting my parent’s and being sick before we left town last week, I was running a little ragged.  Last night, I went to bed at 9:35 and didn’t wake up this morning until 6:35…no alarm clock!  So, while running a little later than normal this morning I wanted to share that I am so thankful for a great night’s sleep….no dreams, no waking up, no nothing…just peaceful rest.

Lord, you know what I need, just when I need it.  You come through with whatever that is, when the time is appropriate.  I thank you for your perfectness, for your all-knowing ways, for supplying my EVERY need when I need it.  Please be with the family that lost their baby at 18 weeks, be with Andy today and Lord, please bless my blog friends…thank you for sending them my way.

I have been out of town so much the past two months, I have been a bit behind in some of my blog reading…thank you for continuing to stop by, read and comment here.  I was so touched that many of you stopped by yesterday. 

I hope you are blessed beyond measure today…and check out Natalie’s But God post…I loved it!!  So very true…have a wonderful day….


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