Mary Bonner shares her favorite Amazon purchases of 2018

Are you an Amazon shopper? I am!

There is something so easy about going online, clicking, paying and having an item land on my doorstep a couple of days later! With Cyber Monday and holiday shopping taking place now, I thought some of these ideas might be useful gift ideas, especially for the traveler in your life.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click through my link, you won’t pay one penny extra but I might get a few pennies.

I travel a lot.

And I love this organizer for my chargers and cords. I used to keep my cords in small plastic storage bags and then have to sort through them to find what I needed. This keeps all my cords organized and within easy reach. This is useful even at home for keeping cords neatly organized.

Another travel accessory I purchased is this luggage scale. I may be able to check my bag for free but it can’t weigh more than 50 pounds. And while I weighed my bag before leaving home when we were returning home my husband and I were shuffling items between bags and carry-ons this summer because our bag was overweight. With this scale, I will be able to weigh my bag BEFORE I get to the airport and not have to sort through clothes on the floor of the airport. And in case you are wondering, yes, I am too cheap to pay the fee for an overweight bag!

Have you ever been in a hotel room or some other room without enough outlets? This power cube has outlets AND USB ports and is very useful! Especially where there are several people in a small space trying to charge our devices. I got this for $10 on an daily deal. So check out the deals.

I drink a LOT of water. And I drink even more when I travel. This water bottle is my favorite! I attach it to my backpack with this clip when I travel and fill it at the water fountain in the airport. Did you know that FROZEN liquids are allowed through security checkpoints in US airports? True. Check it out. I will fill this bottle with ice cubes and sail through security and then fill with water on the other side. This bottle will keep my drink cold for 24 hours. It supposedly will keep a hot drink hot for 6 hours but I have never tried that. But I KNOW it keeps a drink cold for 24!

These are useful when I am NOT traveling!

Do you use a lint brush or one of the rollers with masking tape to remove dog hair and lint from clothes? I have a small dog and was always needing a lint brush to get the dog hair off my clothes, the seat of my car, etc. One day I found this on an Amazon daily deal. A Resuable & Washable Lint Roller?!? Are you kidding? I had my doubts! But it WORKS. AND you really can wash it off, let it dry and use it again! I LOVE it.

I do not remember WHERE I read about these magnetic twist ties but they seemed very useful and I have used them is so many ways for tying around cords and hanging things on metal surfaces, Or handing the dishtowel from the drawer pull. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy the ones that cost less money. I promise you they are not as good. You can ask me how I know and thank me now.

Mary Bonner shares her favorite purchases of 2018

As a virtual assistant, much of my work is editing, creating graphics, collecting and organizing data, emailing and a myriad of other tasks that require me to be in front of my computer for hours at a time. A few weeks ago I worked 61 hours. OUCH! And although my desk chair, keyboard, and the desk are all properly aligned, that week my neck and shoulders were so sore. My husband rubbed them every night. And I was grateful. The next week I worked about 30 hours and he was gone. And so was my nightly neck rub! My friend, Susan, told me about this massager. I bought it the next day. It isn’t the same as getting a massage but it is a great help until my next massage. I LOVE IT!

Finally, the most favorite purchase I have made this year is definitely my inCourage Devotional Bible. I did not purchase it on Amazon. Although it is available there. This Bible has reading plans that I love and have found very helpful as I navigate the waters of a new town and a new life. (We moved to Charlotte, NC in October.) The devotionals are written by 122 different women and the stories they share are real and have been ministering to me in ways that I truly needed. I hope you will check out this Bible.

Are you an online shopper or do you love the crowds of the malls?


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