This morning, I am asking for a favor.  I am not asking for anything for myself personally, but for prayers for two specific people…a young lady, Katie, aged 24 and a baby, named Jonathan, 8 weeks….
Katie, is a friend of a friend of a friend.  I have never met her or her family, but they need our prayers.  Apparently Katie went for her routine Gyn visit, developed a staff infection that spread to her vital organs and now lies in a hospital.  Her organs are shutting down and things do not look good.  I do not have all the details, nor do I need them.  I just know that she and her family need our prayers.  Please pray for her and her family. 
Jonathan is the grandson of a lady with whom I share an office.  Jonathan was fine until this past weekend.  Last Friday, a visit to the pediatrician revealed no muscle tone.  I am not sure I have all the facts straight, but this I know…a return visit on Saturday morning ended with the baby being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, later transferred to another hospital, I suppose better equipped to handle the situation.  Doctors suspect Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  Genetic tests results will not be available right away, but an MRI was to be done yesterday or today.  The grandmother, my co-worker, said in an e-mail that they sat in a room full of tissues and listened to a compassionate doctor describe what the doctors believed to be the problem and what could be done.  It appeared the next step was a tracheotomy and feeding tube.  Because Jonathan is so young and the symptoms appeared so young and progressed so quickly, they believe he has a rare form of the disease and it is likely he will not see his first birthday.
I do not say I know how someone feels, because I do not, but I remember well how I felt, sitting in that conference room in St. Louis Children’s Hospital listening to the doctors explain what was wrong with my daughter, Amy, and why she would not live long.  She died, the next day, in my arms.  That was almost 18 years ago.  It still hurts today.
I know that God works miracles and can heal both Katie and Jonathan. However, if that is not his will, then I pray for strength for the families. Will you please pray for them too?
Lord, today, I pray for both of these families.  Let them feel Your presence, Lord.  Give the doctors what they need to help these individuals and Lord, if healing is not in your will for Katie and Jonathan, please give their families the peace and comfort they need to deal with the situations they face.
thank you….


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