There are so many good – make that great – blogs out there that it is impossible to read them all.

I wanted to share a few that have spoken to me in the past week.

Jacque is a blog friend that I met in real life at the Allume conference in October.  I got to sit and spend some real time with her on Saturday night after the conference ended.  She is sharing her story here and it is worth your time.  I promise.  I can hear her voice as she tells this story.

My friend Stefanie is another blog friend that I have had the chance to meet in real life.  This post spoke to me, it might speak to you too.

I have not met Glenda in real life, but I would love to!! So many of her posts are so practical I think, “Why didn’t I think of that?!?!”  Please read this post and this one.  I think you will be blessed.

If you find yourself struggling to find the joy in the season, check out Deidra’s post.

All of these posts have spoken to me this week.  In some very real ways, I hope they minister to you too.

Have a good weekend…oh, if you visit these ladies and leave a comment, let them know I sent you please.


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