A new building is being built on the campus of the college where I work.  And it is being built right in front of my building.  When I went back to work last week, after being off most of the summer, there was a big hole and a pile of dirt inside the construction fence.  But I didn’t see any work being done any day that I was there. 

The equipment sat in the same place.

Day in.  Day out.

I finally asked someone in the know what was going on and she said that they hit rock.  And they had to get approval to spend the additional money to remove the rock.  They got the approval and today the work started again. 

When I left this afternoon, this is what I saw.

A big pile of rocks.
The rocks are buried in the ground.  And they use a punch like thing to break the rocks up and haul them out of the hole.
While they are buried in the dirt they are large.  Quite large in fact.
These boulders remind me of sawdust in our eyes referenced in Matthew 7. It is easy to be blinded by the issues of others…or the issues we perceive others to have.  Yet, we too easily miss our own issues. 
After all, we are not as bad as them.
Jesus didn’t and doesn’t see it that way.  Last I checked, Jesus said “he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” John 8 (I paraphrased.)
Then he stooped and wrote on the ground.  I wonder what he wrote. 
Maybe it was something like…”her sin is visible.  Public.  She got caught and everyone can see it.  Would you like your sins to be public?  Visible?  For EVERYONE to see…not just me?”
I doubt, seriously, that he wrote such a thing, but we as Christians seem to think we need to rank sins and we decide that some are worse than others.  Usually the ones we think are really bad, well, it is usually the ones that can be seen. Yet, Jesus died for all sins…not just the public, visible, oops, I got caught sins.
Not only did he DIE for those sins, he can and will FORGIVE those sins.
And I don’t think it is my place to pass judgment on those sinners.  I am not saying that these public sins are OK.  They are not.  But my sins are mostly hidden.
You don’t see them.  And I wouldn’t want you to…but they are sins.
Just like the woman caught in adultery.  She was forgiven.
Just like the thief on the cross.  He was forgiven.
And I can be forgiven.  No matter what my sin.
And don’t think God won’t use sinners…remember Moses?  He killed an Egyptian, buried him in the sand and the Lord still used him. (Exodus 2)
As Christians, we need to clean up the garbage in our own life before trying to clean up the garbage in someone else’s life.
Today I am joining with Crystal for Behind the Scenes
because this is what is going on behind the scenes in my life.
And I am joining with Jennifer for Tell His Story
because I believe this IS part of His/my story.
For more thoughts on public sins and judgment, you might read this by Michelle DeRusha.
Or this by Kristina Tanner.
Or this by Shelia Lagrand.
I am not saying these things are not sins, I believe they are.  I am saying that God forgives ALL sins and as Christians we should get in the business of loving and forgiving.  Not judging and condemning.  If we are not careful, the pile of rocks in our life might just stop the work altogether.
I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter…
especially on the loving and forgiving part.


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