Let me deal with your details so you can create!

Creative people need to create, not manage details. Wearing too many hats not only causes stress, but it also affects your ability to do what only you can do.

These are some of the services I provide, and I offer a wide range of packages to suit most budgets. Every client is unique, and so I’m happy customize a package to suit your individual needs.

The Detailed Virtual Assistance

Would you like someone to respond to emails or manage your calendar? Do you need help with memes or images for blog posts or social media? Or maybe you have your blogs posts written and need some help polishing it up and getting it ready for publication. Does social media management give you a headache? Do you need help with Powerpoint presentations, newsletters, or research for your project? Let’s talk.

The Detailed Proofread

Would you like a fresh set of eyes to look over your manuscript? My inner grammar geek might be just what you need.

I call Mary, “my right arm”, because her assistance is that critical to the work I do. Mary never hesitates to jump right into assist with any and all of my administrative needs, while working tirelessly to make sure that all of the details are covered and accounted for. Her ability to anticipate needs, coupled with her value of work done with excellence, means that I can (and do) trust her with all of the administrative requirements of my work. Mary has been an absolute gift to work with for the last few years, I am deeply grateful for her generous spirit and her kindness in the way she addresses the details of planning Refine {the retreat}.

Kris Camealy

Author, Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting, Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement, and Everything Is Yours: How Giving God Your Whole Heart Changes Your Whole Life

It is no exaggeration to say that Mary Bonner has been the answer to my prayers. I can’t imagine doing my work well without her help and support. We live in a world that runs on details: calendars, emails, tasks, and to-dos. Unfortunately, I am easily overwhelmed by details. However, even if that weren’t the case, modern working life seems to require an attention span that no single person could ever muster. Enter: Mary. She is my second set of eyes, a second pair of hands, and she is always thinking two steps ahead. She is professional and personal. She is disciplined and passionate. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.


Christie Purifoy

Author, Roots & Sky, Placemaker

Working with Mary Bonner was a huge asset to the behind-the-scenes execution of my book launch and a huge blessing to my heart. Mary is both professional and personable and prayerfully supports her clients and their business or ministry. Mary Bonner was trustworthy, organized, and reliable. I’m so grateful to have partnered with her!

Becky Keife

Author, No Better Mom for the Job

“I love working with Mary! She’s organized, efficient, and always reliable. I was overwhelmed with family and writing obligations and Mary stepped in as a virtual assistant and has done a wonderful job helping me with regular blog posts, updates to my website, and maintaining an active social media presence. Not only is Mary my work partner, she is also a prayer partner—a beautiful bonus I didn’t expect!”

Gayla Grace

Author, Quiet Moments for the Stepmom Soul: Encouragement for the Journey

Mary’s natural gifts and talents towards organization and administration are a breath of fresh air for me. She handles the tasks that feel like a weight for me so that I can soar in the places I love.

Carey Bailey

Life Coach

From the moment Mary took charge of the launch team for my first book, I knew I was in good hands. Her attention to detail, knack for organization, and sincere enthusiasm for the project pulled all the loose ends together and brought a professional, yet winsome quality that was desperately needed. We could not have launched Every Little Thing without Mary’s competent, kind, and compassionate leadership. I highly recommend her for your next project.
Deidra Riggs

Author, Every Little Thing

Mary is a master at managing the details. She has an eye for the small things while also keeping track of the big picture too. Mary “gets it,” which is why she’s such a delight to work with, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wishes they had a few extra hours in their day. Mary can take care of that for you.

Denise J. Hughes

Author, Word Writers & Founder, Deeper Waters

I’m thankful I decided to choose Mary Bonner to guide the launch of my first book. She is very capable and dependable. Mary covered my project with prayer while handling the details effectively. I highly recommend her for your customized project needs.

David Brannock

Author, Choose - Fulfill Your Created Purpose

If you need someone who has keen eye for details in administration, Mary Bonner is a capable behind-the-scenes virtual assistant. She is swift in creating documents, forms, social media shareables and responding to correspondence. Mary’s help allows your projects to progress in a way that takes pressure off you to produce.

Shelly Miller

Author, Rhythms of Rest

I have known Mary Bonner for years, and her track record for efficiency and organization in her work ethics have always been impeccable.  So much so, that I contacted her when I needed a Virtual Assistant.  Mary has created social media sharables and edited the blog for about a year, and I have been thrilled with her work. I would be lost without her!

Diane Bailey

Author, String of Pearls & 30 Days to a Better Step-Family and Founder, The Consilium

As a writer and working to release my first book I asked around who created images to use on social media and Mary Bonner’s name can up. There’s something about having quality people like Mary in your posse’ that makes all the details of marketing achievable. Mary invited me to share what I envisioned with her while giving me useful options for different social media’s. Mary is a gifted people loving person that transforms words and imagery into inspiring art.

Teresa Coelho

Author, Scarred-Up Holy


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