Lisa-Jo’s word for this week’s 5 minute Friday is Tender…
It was a bittersweet time for this young mama with the tender heart.  She knew things weren’t going well.  She also knew it was her last opportunity to be a mama.

Nine long months she carried her.  Four short days she lived. 

Tiny.  Sweet.  With a bad heart, lungs not so good, genetic defects that antibiotics and operations could not fix.

A tender time, sweetly (?) remembered almost 20 years later.  Yes, it is sweet.  I can’t change the story…it is just that MY story.

I miss her.  I wish my son had a living sibling.  I wish she were here.  But she isn’t.  She is in heaven and I looked forward to seeing her again one day.

After all, I know what lies ahead is better than what lies behind.

Part of her story can be found here and here.

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Added after the 5 minutes…yesterday it hit in the middle of the day and tears started flowing…right there at work.  Thoughts of Amy were flooding my mind.  I put these thoughts to paper in about 5 minutes yesterday.
I find this song describes my feelings…
Have a great weekend.


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