Wow…am I late today!!  More snow here and I am getting tired of snow.  But, thankful for shelter and warmth.  Also thankful for an out of the ordinary gift:

We do not own a snow blower…and neither did our neighbors across the street this winter.  Someone GAVE them a snow blower.  Keep in mind, the first two winters we lived here, we had hardly any snow.  This winter we have been dumped on…twice in the last two weeks.  As John was trying to shovel the driveway so he could go to work, my neighbor said for him to use the blower as soon as the neighbor was finished.  What a gift!  With the snow being much deeper than John imagined AND the wind blowing it around, he was making very little headway with a shovel.
Lord, thank you for warmth and shelter.  Thank you for neighbors that share.  Please keep everyone safe on the roads today. 
Stay warm, safe & dry…


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