I don’t have IT this morning.  Whatever IT is, just isn’t there.  Yesterday started out as a great day, but didn’t end so well…I am freightened, disappointed and a bit angry.  Please say a prayer for me today.  I recommend you visit Ann, be sure to read her post from March 3 & 4, 2010.  Isn’t it wonderful that our children are so forgiving and loving?  Much like the Father forgives and loves us.
Lord, I need a double portion of strength, grace and mercy today.  I need to feel your hands, not only on my shoulders…but very much on my heart.  I need you to soften my heart, help me to forgive those that I feel have treated me unfairly.  I know that is the right thing to do…forgiving…please help me let go of my anger and disappointment.  Then give me the grace to find what it is I am supposed to do in this crazy life.  Thank you for this season of Lent when things are supposed to be a bit uncomfortable, when we are supposed to remember your Son’s suffering…before he so beautifully rose again, all for our salvation.  Lord, with you help, I know I can let go and forgive. Thank you in advance for helping me. 
I have out of town company arriving on Saturday.  If I do not get to post every day next week, know that I will be thinking of you…please remember me.


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