So go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.
Matthew 22:9

Jesus invites EVERYONE to come to him.  Not just the wealthy, not just the poor, not just the sick, not just the healthy…he invites EVERYONE.  This was the sermon yesterday…Jesus invites EVERYONE.  Can you imagine throwing a party and inviting EVERYONE?  Is there really a room BIG ENOUGH for EVERYONE?  Not in my house or in the homes of anyone I know, but HIS house is big enough.  Will we accept his invitation? 

I have the privilege and blessing of taking a fall vacation.  I know that is not something EVERYONE can do, but if you can, then I HIGHLY recommend it!  No crowds and it usually costs less.  I guess the cost depends on where you go.  John and I are blessed to be on the Jersey shore this week…later we will be joined by my brother and sister-in -law.  This is what I saw while I had my quiet time Sunday morning.

I continue counting my blessings today…

641. fall vacations.
642. time to appreciate HIS creation.
643. sunrise.

644. sunset.

645. time with wonderful husband.

646. view of the ocean.
647. sunscreen.
648. seagulls.

649. Bath & Body Sea Island Cotton.
650. grilled tuna.
651. sun.
652. sand.
653. beach chairs.

Joining Ann at A Holy Experience and Michele at Graceful.



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