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I said I was going to do a series on what love looks like during this month of love. I think the month of February triggers thoughts of Valentine’s Day for many people. And justifiably so. For your reading enjoyment, here is a link to 10 Fun Valentine’s Day Facts.

I used a popular internet search engine and searched “definition of love.”  I received “About 382,000,000 results (0.51 seconds).” I checked them all. Not really.

But I did randomly check several. It seems there are almost as many websites defining love as…well, I was going to say as Imedla Marcos had pairs of shoes. But, it turns out she only 1000 pair…or 7500. Estimates vary.

Seriously. We can define love a number of ways…or maybe we cannot define love at all. Maybe it is something that falls under the “I know it when I see it, but I can’t describe or define it” type of thing.

Love may not always look like a card with a big heart on it or a present with a nice red bow on it.

There have been times in my life when love looked like a washed and vacuumed out car…that someone else took care of – without me asking. Sometimes it has been a phone call on June 9th, which is Amy’s birthday. Or sitting by my hospital bed. Or making me laugh when I am sad. Or letting me be alone when that is what I need. For me, love does not always look like I think it will or like I think it should.

Love may look like this…a perfectly clean kitchen on a random Monday morning.

Love looks like a clean kitchen http://wp.me/p6Spm0-V2

And I hadn’t cleaned it. I’d had a headache the day before and I had struggled to do much more than go to church and eat a little bit of lunch. I’d napped and rested, but I had NOT cleaned the kitchen. I didn’t give it a thought until Monday morning when I walked down the stairs and saw it.  I don’t think there was any gift I would rather have had that day than a clean kitchen.

This month I, along with some guest writers, will explore what love looks like. It might look like saying no. Or maybe it looks like a day of rest. Or following your dream or letting go of a dream. Or letting go of something else. Or maybe it looks like helping a stranger. Love may, on some days, look like a box of chocolates, but I find that more often than not it looks like something that is not as neat as a box of chocolates.

Stayed tuned and read the rest of the series this month.

Questions for you…

  • What does love look like to you?
  • Can you define it or is it more of an “I know it when I see it” type of thing?
  • If you could have one aspect of love explored this month, what would it be? I am not promising that I can make it happen, but I am curious.


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