I guess in a way, it is funny.  But really, it isn’t funny at all.
This morning, I had resolved that I was going to get my quiet time back on track.  I was going to prayerfully and thoughtfully go about my time in The Word.
I slept well.  I woke up earlier that I have been waking up and it looked like all was going well.
I started the coffee pot.  Gathered a couple of items.  Went back to get my coffee and realized the pot hadn’t even started.
The coffee pot was broken.  It had power, but wasn’t brewing.
Luckily, I had a small 4 cup coffee maker in the basement.  I got it ready and started another pot of coffee…albeit, a SMALL pot of coffee!
I went to the office and got settled with my Bible, notebook, journal, etc.
Andy comes in and needs to use the computer and printer to print two things before he heads off to class.
Naturally, I get up.  You can’t tell you kid he can’t be prepared for class!  It is the week before finals.  Well, I guess I could have told him no…but that just doesn’t seem right.
So, I get up and go to the family room and start to shed a few tears.
Seriously?!?!?  I know that is what you are thinking.  How could I be upset over sharing a computer and printer and having my coffee be delayed?
What can I say?  Sometimes, I am pretty shallow.
But, friends…that is just what needed this morning to see how messed up I was…I AM!
I had just read in John how the angel came to Mary.  I was thinking about Advent and the time leading to the birth of our Lord.
He was born in a stable!  Mary was nine months pregnant.  I am sure a stable is just where she wanted to be!!
There are people in this world…in my city that had no place to sleep last night.
There are people in this world…in my city without food to eat or proper health care.
I think I can endure the slight inconvenience of delayed coffee gratification.
It is easy for me…maybe you too?…to get caught up in my own world. 
I want to see beyond MY world.  Beyond MY life.  Beyond MY…period.
Jesus, help me, this Advent season to focus on you and what you would have me do. 
Help me to not be so engrossed in my life that I miss the opportunities you
have for me to grow, to learn and to share.
A coffee pot.  Who would have thought a coffee pot
could be used to teach a life lesson?
What ordinary things is he using to teach you a lesson?
Tomorrow I have a special post…it involves cookies! 
Be sure to check back tomorrow.
AND…I have told you about my online friend Barbie and her new
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I think this book is so good that I am going to give away copy.
Leave a comment on this post and I will choose a winner using Random.org.
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