Whose standard anyway?  Who is writing the script that I am following?

When I started this post, this was not the picture I was looking for in my file.  But, when I saw it and the quote I had inserted, I decided it was JUST what I needed.

God’s love for me is not dependent 
upon my performance as a believer.

When did I write that?  I don’t know, but I needed to be reminded of it today.

You see, I am a people pleaser.  I am performance based. 

I do “A” and you will like me and God will too.

I do “B” and you may NOT like me and God might not either.

I do “C” and I KNOW you won’t like me and I’m pretty sure he won’t either.

Since when? Where did I get THAT script?

I have found out that life doesn’t work that way.
I don’t get to write the plan. I don’t get to choose A, B or C. He does the directing, the only choice I make is to follow or not to follow.

Not following doesn’t usually work out so well.  Oh, it might seem to work for a while, but not doing His will does not work for the long haul.

Today, I am embracing the truth that my performance 
as an individual has nothing to do 
with whether God loves me or not.

I’ll do my best to live the life He has designed, but when I fail and fall short of that goal – and I WILL fall short of that goal, because I am human – I will remember that He loves anyway.

No matter what.  That is the truth I am clinging to today.

Join me?

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