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Today’s Prompt:  LONG


After weeks of waking up with a headache and feeling like I had fog in my brain, this morning I woke up without a headache.  Without the fog.  What a gift!

Is it possible that the fog that has clouded my brain and my head for a month is beginning to lift?

I can only pray that this is the case. The fog is beginning to lift. If I do not overdo during the healing process, then I will get well.

I read this today:

To be grateful for the good things that 
happen in our lives is easy, 
to be grateful for all of our lives 
—the good as well as the bad, 
moments of joy as well 
as the moments of sorrow, 
the successes as well
as the failures, 
the rewards as well as the rejections
—that requires
hard spiritual work.
Brennan Manning

I am trying to be grateful for this month of headaches.  For this month of being ill.  For this month of having to depend on others for food and care and doing the dishes and the laundry.

I long for the time when I can string together DAYS of feeling well and not just minutes or hours.

That is the longing of my heart, but I will remember that gratitude for ALL of my life is the hard spiritual work.

I long to be successful at that. 


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