You know that I am trying to do #SmallThingsGreatLove with Michelle.  And that one of my first attempts didn’t turn out like I planned.  Michelle had something similar happen to her and you need to check it out.

Now I find myself wondering…is the act of #SmallThingsGreatLove not going like I planned part of HIS plan? 

The way He intended Advent to be for me. 

For Michelle. 

Maybe for you?

Maybe he intended things not to go as I plan to remind me that HE is in charge.  Not me.

Maybe he intended things not to go as I plan to remind me that sometimes the lesson is found when we deviate from the plan.

I am somewhere between the ultra-mega-planner-over-the-top-control-freak type of person and the ho-hum-whatever-happens-is-OK-with-me type of person.  And I am definitely closer to the former than the latter!

But somewhere along my life’s journey I recognized that there is a place for planning and a place for letting things happen.  Advent for me has been a time of more focused prayer and quiet time.  I am trying to do the small things Michelle talked about.  Yet, I am finding that the small things are not always the things I plan on doing, but often something I don’t plan.

One of the things Michelle mentioned in her original post was “Quietly pick up your spouse’s wet towel from the bathroom floor.”  I am also finding that it is in the quiet things where I am learning the biggest lessons.

As I re-read this post, I realize that it doesn’t tie together very well.  That someone reading my writing for the first time might decide to never come back because this doesn’t make sense…let me see if I tie this together.

Remember Joseph?  The one betrothed to Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Yes, that one.    What if he, Joseph, had deviated from the plan?  What if, rather than listening to the angel and sticking with Mary, he had divorced her quietly as he originally planned?  Things might have would have been very different.

Joseph had great faith. And as he waited for the baby Jesus to be born, there had to have been times that he thought the plan was messed up.

But it wasn’t messed up.  It was the way God intended and Joseph, bless his heart, was able to pull it together and go with it.

That is the lesson I am trying to learn…pull it together and go with it.  Jesus has a plan. 

It isn’t mixed up.

It isn’t messed up.

It isn’t muddled up.

It is His plan.  And I need to pull myself together and go with it.

Do you find the joy in the unexpected? 
When things don’t go as planned, how do you handle it?
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