The sun is rising on a new day.  A brand-new 24 hour window that I can do with whatever I want.

Yesterday was Amy’s birthday.

I think it was the first time I have not posted on her birthday in several years.  Then again, I am not posting much at all these days.

But I am working on that.

Yesterday, I started my day by going to mass.  The gospel reading was from Matthew 5:13-16 where Jesus talks about being the salt of the earth.

Salt is used to season and preserve.  Without salt our food can taste rather bland.

Our life-changing experiences can be likened to salt…they season our life and make it interesting.

Losing Amy was certainly one of the hardest things I have ever experienced.  But the experience taught me a lot. Things that I would not have learned without living through the birth and death of a child and then moving on to live life without her.

I believe each of us has a salt experience.  At least one experience (probably more than one) that “made us who we are” that was a defining moment in our life.  An experience that shaped what we thought.

What we believed.

How we react to situations.

Certainly, Amy’s life and death was such an experience for me.  But there have been others too.

For several months, I have been listening to Jacque Watkins’ Mudstories podcasts.  In a recent episode she mentioned that almost everyone she talks to says they are grateful for their mudstory.  They wouldn’t necessarily want to relive it, but they are thankful for it.  They see the value in their life story because of the mud.

Whether I call it the salt of my life or a mud story, the experience shapes and flavors me. The experiences add depth and dimension.  They add color and shape to my life.

And I wouldn’t want to trade them for anything.

For some reason, this is the scripture that is speaking to me this morning…


And when we obey him, every path he guides us on is 
fragrant with his loving-kindness and his truth.
Psalm 25:10 (The Living Bible) 
This is the path he has taken me on in this life…
and when I look for the sweet fragrance, it is there.
Have you listened to Jacque’s podcast?
Do you have a podcast you would recommend? 


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