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Things that are Helping Me These Days of COVID19

Things that are Helping Me These Days of COVID19

COVID19 is Changing Times These are different and uncertain times, aren't they? We are navigating new waters as COVID19 races across the world. And it seems that things change on a daily basis. We went from playing the March Madness basketball games with no fans...

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Two Steps Forward – A Book Review

Not long ago I got an email from the Revell Reads program letting me know what books were available for review. You get to choose a book or two in return for posting an honest review of the book(s). I used to do this on a semi-frequent basis but then life got in the...

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When You Need to Be Restored

After Amy died of a genetic disorder in 1992 I claimed 1 Peter 5:7 as my verse. “Casting all your care upon him, because he cares for you.” That’s a great verse. I still love it. But today 1 Peter 5:10 hit me. “...after you have suffered a little while...will himself...

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