Being Brave…

For more than a year the Lord has been gently nudging me to do something that I did not do not want to do. Over the years I have shared bits and pieces of my personal journey through grief. But I know that I am supposed to share some deeper stories, some of the darker and most troubling moments of my journey. These pieces of my story impact more than just me. So I must carefully guard others while sharing.

 When Grief Takes Center Stage by Mary Bonner

The truth?

I am not really interested in doing any of this.  But three weeks ago, somewhere around 30,000 feet while sitting in seat 20C, I say yes. It was as if the Lord was literally inside my head saying, “NOW! Now is the time to share. Will you do what I am asking?”

And I said, “Yes. OK, I will do it.”

Then I wanted to throw up.

While saying yes to the Lord may give a sense of peace, it also brings a great deal of fear. I have to remember that I do not walk this path alone.

Being Brave When Grief Takes Center Stage by Mary Bonner

Sharing this piece of me will not be easy. And it will be hard for me to stay focused. I don’t yet know what this will look like but I am stepping out in faith and being brave.

Today, I am at GraceTable beginning the journey of sharing more deeply. Join me over there where I am also sharing a recipe that uses leftover turkey!


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