Recently, I posted that I wanted to do some things differently in 2016. So far, I have been successful…but we are only one month into the new year.

This didn’t make my list, but it is something I am working on…or struggling with…sometimes I fall into the trap of wanting to do “it” (whatever “it” is) like others. I want to blog like her, write like her, keep a house like her, dress like her, etc. “Her” is almost perfect! Have you met her? I know that if I could just do it like HER, then all would be good.

WHAT A JOKE!!! It won’t all be good and I AM. NOT. HER.

I am truly working on letting go of that mindset. Since I no longer have a traditional job and a regular paycheck, I find myself falling into the trap of thinking I am “less than.” Thinking everyone else is much better than me.

I am re-reading Jennifer Dukes Lee’s book Love Idol.  It is reminding me – again – that my worth is not found in WHAT I do or the PAYCHECK I bring home or the JOB TITLE I do or don’t have. Nor is it found in letters behind my name and for the record, there ARE no letters behind my name.

But I AM a daughter of the King.

Not long ago I was having a “terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day”…well, maybe I was just having a not very good day, but it was MY not very good day and I called a dear friend to share it with her! When she answered I asked her if she had a minute. She said sure and I said, “I’m having the worst day!” And I started to cry.

We talked for almost 45 minutes. I shared some things that had happened that day. I shared things that had been done and said to me that weren’t very nice. And these things made it feel like my day was headed downhill fast and picking up speed as it rolled along! She let me talk for a while, then she said something almost profound. She said “why can’t we measure our successful days in ways other than what we get done around the house or what we accomplished at work or how much money we brought in?”

Good question! My friend reminded me of the good things I had done that day. She reminded me that my worth is not in what others say to me, do to me or say about me. That my worth is found in Jesus Christ and my identity in him.

Letting go of what others think of me, of what I PERCEIVE others think of me is a big step for me. But it starts with baby steps…I am getting there.

When it is all said and done, I want Jesus to say “well done.” I want to get my approval from him.

Have you read Love Idol by Jennifer Dukes Lee? Do you struggle with measuring your worth in ways the world measures worth?

I’m excited to share something with you today. During the month of February I am doing a series of post about love and what it looks like. I have some guest posts scheduled and I’ll be writing some posts. Love is not always pretty. It isn’t always about a box of chocolates or a beautifully wrapped present. It looks and feels different to everybody. We all have our own perceptions of love. So, stay tuned and if you don’t already subscribe to the blog, maybe you want to so you don’t miss a post!

Love Look Like




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