Some Fridays I join Lisa-Jo for her 5 minute Friday link-up.

Every Friday more than 100 bloggers write for 5 minutes unedited on a word prompt given by Lisa-Jo.  No backtracking, no editing, no changes…just write. 
Check it out…give it a try…it’s a lot of fun and a good way to just WRITE!

Today’s word prompt:  STORY
Everybody has one, but you can’t tell what it is just by looking.  A family with one child may have lost many.
A family with a big house and fancy cars may have been down and out a some point in time.
No, a story cannot be told by looking at the outside, at the cover, at just what is visible.
A story is what’s inside.  What makes you you and me me.

My story is unique.  It is painful.  It is wonderful.  It is sad.  It is happy.
But…it is MINE.  It makes me who I am and who I am is truly amazing.
My story begins when He gave me the courage to step out in faith and believe that ALL things work together for good.
That HE knows the plans he has for me.  Plans to prosper, not to harm.
My story changes daily, but stays the same.
It’s glorious uniqueness is so fascinating that I cannot put it into words.  But I try…because it is the only way I know to share the blessings he has given me as I walk the path that makes my story.
I don’t think this is my best 5 minute Friday friends…but I am desperately trying to get back into the habit of writing.  Thanks for reading!
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