That is the word for today.  I returned on Wednesday from a week back home.
A week in the place where I lived for 20 + years.  A place I called home.
I realized while I was there that you can never go back.
Things change.  People change.  Places change.
I woke up.  I woke up to the fact that it is not the same.
I enjoyed seeing people and places, but it and they are different.
I am grateful for the time.  I am grateful for the friends.  I am grateful for the reminder that this new place where I live is home.  I have friends here.  I have a life here.
I need and want to AWAKE to the fact that things are good here.  Life is good here.
My eyes were opened and I can see that I need to stop counting years, months and weeks since I arrived in the new place.  I need to begin counting the days of joy in the place HE has placed me and my family. 
Awaken to the wonders that are around me in the new place I am trying to call home.

Joining Lisa-Jo and others for 5 minute Friday


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