Tired…that is today’s word.  And I can relate!

I am tired.

Tired of feeling like a nobody.  I walked into the room of almost 200 women and even though I knew many of them, I felt like a nobody.

The table was beautiful.

The conversation was lovely.

The food was delicious, yet…I didn’t belong there.

I have lived here over 4 years.  4 years and 8 weeks…but then, who is counting?!?

Is that the problem?  Am I tired of living here as a nobody because I am still counting?

Tired of reaching out.  Tired of trying to make new friends.  Tired.  JUST TIRED.

It doesn’t seem to matter what of do, how much I try to get involved.  This place doesn’t seem like home.

I want to go home.  I want to be comfortable.  I want to be in a place where I am SOMEBODY.  Where I matter to someone. 

Yet, I am sure our Savior felt like a nobody.  Did he feel like HE mattered?

So, I will let go.  I will TRY to let it go.  I will know that my family is where He wants us and I will TRY to embrace it, but just for a while, I would like to feel that I matter and not be so tired of disappearing into the woodwork.

Joining Lisa Jo for 5 minute Friday


After the 5 minute time limit…I wish I knew why I feel like a nobody.  I wish I knew what to do to make this place feel like home.  I wish I wasn’t SO homesick and missing all that is familiar to me.

After posting this I receive a link to this…I had read it, but forgotten it…I need to grow up!


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