Most Fridays I join hundreds of others for 5 minute Friday…you can read the ins and outs of it here, basically we all write unedited for 5 minutes on a word prompt supplied by Lisa-Jo.
Today’s word is: SMALL
It was just laying there on the ground.  The only pine cone for as far as I could see.  I wondered where it came from, where the other pine trees were.  On the side of the lake, in the middle of the summer…like someone dropped it there. 
But why?
Sometimes my life feels like the pine cone.  Out of place.

Out of sync. And way too small.
Stuck somewhere that maybe I don’t belong. 
The pine cone reminded me that maybe, just maybe, it was exactly where it was supposed to be so that I could get a neat picture (or at least I think it’s neat!).
And maybe, just maybe, I am in the exact place I am supposed to be.  Even though it feels uncomfortable.  The space too tight.
Too small.
Maybe I feel insignificant, but deep inside I know I’m not.

I know that HE put me in the tight, cramped, too small space because He has a plan.
I am trying not to be like Jonah and run from my story.  But wearing my story is uncomfortable.
So…small, tight, cramped or not…I’m hanging in there.  Like the pine cone waiting for the photo op.

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