It is that time again when I join Lisa-Jo and hundreds of others writing for just 5 minutes.  No backtracking.  No editing.  Just uninhibited writing on the word prompt supplied by Lisa-Jo.

There are so many voices in my head.  LOUD voices.  They tell me to do this.
Follow that.
Go here.  Go there.
It seems to be a never ending cacophony.
It is only when I slow down.  When I stop moving.  When I listen…carefully, that I can begin to distinguish the good from the bad.
The right from the wrong.
The light from the dark.
And it is in those moments when I am still.  Those moments when I stop that His voice comes through.  That His will is distinguishable.  That His voice is truly heard.
Sometimes He asks me to do things that I don’t want to do.  Because they are hard…or different…or uncomfortable.  Or just not what I want to do at the time.  It is usually in those times that things don’t go well.
Listening to my will…my voice…doing things my way.  Not good.
Listening to His voice…doing His will…much better.
Lord, you are asking me to step out in faith and stretch myself and I am SCARED. TO. DEATH. But I am listening and I am trying to be faithful.  Please give me the courage to continue listening and even more courage to follow you.

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