There is this
great encourager in the blogosphere named Lisa-Jo Baker.  On Fridays
she writes, unedited for 5 minutes and invites others to join her in the
quest to write without fear of anything…just write.  Most weeks I
play along.

If you have never participated, give it a try.  The rules are simple.  Check them out and get the button code here.

Five Minute Friday


live in a metropolitan area not too far from two large cities.  People
in my neighborhood work in Manhattan…yeah, the one in New York City.

And yet, not too far from where I live is a different kind of place.  A place where ordinary takes on a different meaning.

People drive buggies instead of cars.

Use generators instead of electricity.

They work the ground and raise livestock.

They walk to places.

They make handmade furniture that is beautiful.

They are gentle and kind…at least the ones I have encountered.

There is something about the slow and peaceful way they go about their life that intrigues me.

But, my life…is just that.  MY LIFE.

I embrace my ordinary, everyday life.  The one where I get up, go to
work, turn on the coffee maker, flip the lightswitch, drive my
car…that life.

My life is good.

I am blessed.

Ordinary comes in many shapes and sizes.  

I will embrace my ordinary life and try to find ways to make it extra ordinary.

To make it special.

To make it reflect the joy of living an ordinary life.

Counting my blessings one at a time, then saying Thank you, Jesus…for all of it.

The good, the bad, the ordinary.

Joining Lisa-Jo and others for 5 minute Friday.


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