It’s that time again when I join Lisa-Jo and hundreds of other writers for 5 minute Friday.   We write on the word prompt supplied by Lisa-Jo for 5 minutes…no editing, no backtracking, no overthinking.  Just writing.  Then we link our post to Lisa-Jo’s and send some comment love to at least two other writers.   That’s all. 
Today’s prompt: In Between
In between…that space separating yesterday and tomorrow.  Sometimes called today.
In between…the time linking the start and the finish.  Sometimes called the race.
In between…the feeling that we sometimes get when we feel we don’t belong.
In between…sometimes it is the in between that connects the dots.  Sometimes in between can feel barren.
Even useless. 

But the in between can also be good.  The barren can be made full of life (just check out Abraham and Sarah Genesis 17).

It is easy to get lost in the in between.  Between the toddler and school years.  Between the full nest and the empty nest.

Between…just between. Between jobs, between houses, between states and continents.  We move through this life sometimes feeling we are in a constant state of “in between.”

But I have learned that God can use the in between.  He has used my in between to breath life into me…to remind me that he really is in control.  That in between is not just dead, useless, lifeless, barren space.

In between is God ordained time.  Time he will use to create his masterpiece of a child.  Time to form me into what he wants me.

Even when then in between is uncomfortable…it is valuable and useful and blessed.


Disclosure…I forgot to start my time.  I think this was probably about 7 minutes.

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