I awake on Friday and can’t wait for 5 minute Friday.  What is the word?  What will I write?

COLOR?  Is she serious?  COLOR? 

Then I realize, color shades my world daily.  The colors around me but also the colors within me.  My thoughts, my words, my attitudes.

All color my life…and those I encounter each day.  Am I giving them a warm, loving color?  The hues of red, yellow and blue?

Or do I portray dark, cold colors of black and gray? 

Lord, I want to portray the warm, good colors…help me to watch my tongue, to spread good color and not the dark dingy color that will dampen spirits and crush souls.  I need help Lord.  Please help me.

I want to lift up, not tear down.

(pictures added after the 5 minutes)


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