On Fridays I try to join The Gypsy Mama for 5 Minute Friday.

I write…unedited for 5 minutes on a word prompt supplied by Lisa – The Gypsy Mama.

Today’s word:  Opportunity


Please…another word that makes me dig.  Deep.  But I have a clue for this one.

As I am coming out of my writing funk…the dry desert land I have been wandering in for more than 2 months I can look back now and see it as an opportunity.

An opportunity to wait upon Him.

An opportunity to explore some things that needed attention in my life.

An opportunity to step back and regroup.

What did I learn while travelling this road?

That people are still there for me…waiting to read whatever I post.  At least a few people are still there! 🙂

That HE never leaves me.  I knew this.  I just needed to be reminded.

That HE will supply all my needs.  More on this later.  He has been doing some amazing things in my life.

That I don’t need to know what is around the bend, I just need to trust Him.


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Have you experienced a rough patch disguised as an opportunity?  Let me know in the comments.

Pictures and links added after 5 minute time limit.

Have a great weekend!


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