These days Lisa-Jo
puts up the Five Minute Friday word BEFORE midnight
Thursday night.  This makes me SO. VERY. HAPPY.  I haven’t gotten to participate regularly lately, but this week I stayed up to get some writing done, so I am happy to join in.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then check this out.

Today’s word:  TRUE


I keep my true self hidden away.  Just like the Hideaway Café in the Florida Keys.  If you don’t know it is there, if you don’t know what to look for, then you will never find it.  If you miss it, then you have missed a real gem of a restaurant.

TRUE…Lisa-Jo talks about the true version of Motherhood and how my version doesn’t look like hers or yours or anyone else’s and she is right.

My version of motherhood allowed me to have one living child.  Now 25, he still lives at home.  He is on the right path and finishing college. 

But it has been a long and at times very difficult journey.

You think your kids are going to grow up, finish high school, go to college and get a job.

AND move out.

But sometimes things don’t work like we plan.

My plan was different than God’s plan.  And my son’s plan wasn’t exactly like it has turned out…but it is good.

So, while you are still in the midst of changing diapers and/or putting kids on the bus.

Or you are in your final stage of middle school or high school…don’t plan too far ahead.  Because God has this way of throwing curve balls that you can’t hit when you swing.

You just have to go with the flow and hope that things turn out.

In the end, it will turn out exactly like HE planned.  Like HE orchestrated.

I have to learn to accept HIS plan.

When I do, when I know and remember that I am NOT in charge.  I am OK.  Really I am.

But it has been a long journey.

So, celebrate YOUR version of motherhood.  It is how HE designed it just for you and your kids.

And it will be OK…I promise.  No matter how dark it seems at times.


My friend Stacey Thacker has a great new book about Being OK with where You Are.  
You can find it here and it is a great resource for your TRUE self!
Have a great weekend.

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