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Today’s word:  PRESENT


Try as I might, I cannot think of anything useful to type here in this space for 5 minute Friday.  Verbally – truly out loud – while sitting at my desk I say, “Lord, I give these words to you.”

I look out the window, then wind is causing the green leaves of the trees to blow and sway.

Back and forth.  It just might rain later today.

I realize that being present is often just looking at the here and now.  At this moment.  ONLY this moment.

As I gaze across the desk, over the orchid that is not blooming, out the window I am reminded that the present is good.

The present is where I need to focus.  I cannot change the past.

I cannot predict the future.

I can only seize and live the present.

Lord, today I will strive to appreciate every moment of this day.  To focus on the present and not the future.  Help me to remember that you are here…with me…in the THIS moment…ready to hold my hand if I will but reach for you.

Being present in the moment is something I work on a lot, because I have a tendency to always make plans…and I am not in charge.  I have a tendency to try and orchestrate things.  So this was a really good word for me today!  Thank you, Lisa-Jo!

Do you find it hard to focus on the present?

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