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Five Minute Friday

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today’s word:  WONDER


I wonder if I can really get anything on paper in 5 minutes about WONDER.

This time of year is ALL ABOUT WONDER.  How do I choose which part of WONDER to focus on and for just 5minutes?

Then I read a few posts and I realize that the wonder of it all really does come down to only one thing…the birth of Jesus.

The agony of his birth in a stable.

She rode a DONKEY friends…and she was 9 months pregnant.

No sterile birthing room for her.

No, she got a stable,

And I am sure it stunk.  And smell like animals.  And dung.

Straw…trying resting on straw,  I’ve never tried it, but I don’t think it would be comfortable.

And what about Joseph?  Have you ever wondered what might have happened if he’d said “No, Lord…I’m not doing that.  I’m not marrying a pregnant girl?”

I wonder.

I just wonder.

But then I remember that HE knows all things.  HE knew Mary would be uncomfortable.

He knew Joseph would say yes.

He designed it all.

And it was good.  And beautiful.

And I wonder…I just wonder…why?

Because I didn’t deserve it.  

That is why it is a gift.

And wondering is part of the gift.


Friend, I am so glad that I don’t have to work for my salvation.
That it is freely given as a gift to me from my Savior.
But a gift is only truly a gift if accepted.
It isn’t enough to have a head knowledge of Jesus, his birth, death and resurrection.
We need a heart knowledge too.
If you don’t have a heart knowledge of Jesus Christ,
consider accepting his gift of wonder today.
We have all sinned.  Romans 3:23
The wages of sin is death, but there is a gift! Romans 6:23
Believe in your heart. Romans 10:9
He truly is the only way. John 14:6


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