This is my sister, Sherri. We were having dinner at my favorite restaurant in her town. I have visited her the every year for the last three years and I love this place! Rigatoni Florentine – cheese stuffed rigatoni with spinach, garlic and tomatoes in a white sauce. Yes, I know it’s more calories than a red sauce but it is worth EVERY. SINGLE. CALORIE!

This morning in Jesus Calling Sarah Young writes “You are on the path of my choosing. There is no randomness about your life.”
That really spoke to me today.
All those moments that seem wasted.
All those days seem mixed up.
All those situations that were and are so confusing…He’s got them.  All of them.
The moments, the days, the situations…He is taking control and He is in charge.
And because HE is in charge and in control of each and every second, minute, hour and day, I can rest easier. I don’t have to worry.  I’m not saying I let everything go, I’m still working on that.  But today I am reminded that He’s got this.  Whatever “this” is in my life today and your life today, we can rest and be at peace.
Because there is no randomness.


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