Today’s word for 5 minute Friday is AFTER.  After she died my life was never the same.  But not all in bad ways.  I treasure time with friends and family more than I did before.  I treasure moments instead of – no, because of – her short life.
I don’t just look for the BIG moments in life.  I try to LIVE life and be thankful for all moments and ALL things.  No matter how difficult or unpleasant.
Motherless daughters, a concept I do not understand, cannot appreciate.  My mom is still alive and 90 years old.  So I cannot speak to that experience.  I don’t know what to say.  I can only listen and hug those without their mothers.
But daughterless Mothers?  I GET that.  I TOTALLY get that.  I can say what is on my heart and mind because THEY get it.  I am sure it works that way with Mothers that have lost sons too.  In fact, I think it works that way with those that have lost children. Period.
We are a member of a club we never asked to join.  But we are members and we learn to live with it.
So the time after she died changed me.  Made me who I am.  She is part of my story.
And I will live my story to the best of my ability.  Because HE wrote it.  And he doesn’t write anything that isn’t worth reading…and living.
Joining Lisa-Jo and others for 5 minute Friday.  Read more stories on AFTER here.


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