This morning is one of those mornings when my quiet time was just that…quiet. No moving revelations, no “aha moments” where I go…”yes, Lord, I got that!” or “I understand.” No, today was…”are you there Lord? I can’t hear you.” Whose fault is that?

Instead, I think my mind is slightly cluttered this morning. Don’t know why, it just is. I try to have my quiet time first thing; come down stairs, make coffee, go to the office and have quiet time…I followed that routine but it just isn’t “there” today. So…maybe that is a lesson in itself. After all, I know that if IT isn’t “there” it is ME that is not “there” because the Lord is ALWAYS “there!”

Can you imagine always being “there?” I can’t. I wish I could. As much as I try to be present in the moment, I get caught up in what is still left to do, what is happening next. If I learned to live for today, be thankful and enjoy this very moment in time, I wonder what might be different in my life. I hope you know what I mean…of course, we have to plan and be prepared for upcoming events and so forth, but really learning to appreciate the moments in our day might be a refreshing change. Like now…the house is quiet, the heater is running, it is still dark outside and as I write this I can begin to hear the Lord…

Sometimes I guess I just have to slow down a bit. Hmm…maybe that is what He is trying to tell me today.
Lord, thank you for the quiet of this morning. Thank you for the good news I got from Andy yesterday. Thank you for your son whose birth, death, life and resurrection are wonderful gifts to us, so that we might have eternal life through you. Thank you for my parents and the home in which I was raised. Help me to be a light shining for you as I go about my day today. Lord, thank you for being THERE…
Blessings, my friends….


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