I have said this before…I need to be still…I need to be quiet…I need to listen to what the Lord is saying to me.  I get so busy, so caught up in MY things, that I do not listen, I do not hear.  “Busy”ness of the day takes over.  The cell phone, work, getting tax stuff together, the computer, internet…so many things to take up my time.  Can I not find SOME quiet time to give my Lord?  He gave his all for me….yes, I spend time reading and praying each morning…but do I spend time listening????????  He is trying to talk to me.  He might be trying to tell me something I need right now…to help me deal with the crisis du jour, but I am to busy talking to him or involved in my own things.
Lord, please, please help me to hear you. To slow down and listen.  You gave your only son for me, I am trying Lord.  Please help me to listen, to be still and know that you are God. (Ps. 46:10)
This will be my last post this week.  I am going to visit my parents and hope to post again next Tuesday.

These are the last pictures I took before dark on Wednesday…I am sooooo DONE with snow!!!!!!
You might want to check this out…it relates to today’s post.  Have a blessed day.


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